Craig Akin

Recordings currently in post-production or soon to be released: Paul Orbell, WC Beck, Marci Geller, Herb Gardner, Ellis Paul

2018 I'm the Only One Who Will Tell You, You're Bad  (Goodnight Moonshine)  folk/pop

2018 Midnight Sun (The Basin) rock

2018 Shiver (Carolann Solebello) folk

2018 Lies the Poets Tell (Laurie MacAllister) folk

2018 Wishes on a Neon Sign (Abbie Gardner) modern folk

2017 All For One (Red Molly) Americana

2017 Lucky Stars (Loretta Hagen) folk

2016 Kol Isha (Sharon Goldman) folk

2016 West Side Holiday (Michael Schoen) pop

2016 Red Shoes (Roosevelt Dime) Americana rhythm & blues

2016 Lay it Down (Brad Cole) urban folk/soul

2015 Extinction (Sam McTavey) roots rock

2015 Square Peg (Marci Geller) folk

2015 Esoteric Ladies (Alastair Ottesen) indie pop

2015 Jazz for Lil' Jumpers (Sarah Gardner) old time jazz for kids

2015 Heartwork (Josh Kwassman & Brother Spirit) modern instrumental

2015 Just the Other Side of Nowhere (Rhoda Morgan) jazz 

2015 Una Cartina (Intended Immigration) Electronic

2015 Restless Moon (Meg Braun) folk

2014 Pandemonium (Moors & McCumber) Americana

2014 Time For Your Bathysphere (Pete Newman) funky world jazz

2014 Still Here, vol. 1 (Ka'olanaBand) Russian pop

2014 No Such Place (Walking for Pennies) folk pop

2014 Jazz Pour Le Bebes (Sarah Gardner) old time jazz for kids 

2014 The Red Album (Red Molly) folk

2014 Click (Neale Eckstein) folk compilation

2013 Miracle Box (Elias Meister) jazz

2013 La Demoiselle Du Fonque (Intended Immigration) Electronic

2013 Whalebone (Marc Douglas Berardo) folk rock

2013 Mercy (Erin Sax) Americana rock

2013 Songs of the Brother Spirit (Josh Kwassman) modern instrumental

2012 HERZKOPF dances (Pookestra) Brooklyn indie chamber ensemble

2012 The Longest Day (Barnaby Bright) folk pop

2012 Across the Stony Ridges (The Jammin' Divas) world folk

2012 Kaleidoscope (Michele Riganese) acoustic pop

2011 Home I Roam (Courtney Cotter) pop

2011 Pieces of Astoria (Martin Schulte) original jazz

2011 Light in the Sky (Red Molly) folk/Americana

2011 Gravity (Barnaby Bright) folk pop 

2011 You Can No Longer Blame it on the Machines (Alastair Ottesen) indie pop

2011 Winters and Mays (Aimee Allen) vocal jazz

2011 Raise the Dead (Little Embers) alt. rock

2011 Hope (Abbie Gardner) folk/roots

2010 Quintet Live (Brandon Draper) jazz

2010 Alastair Ottesen (Alastair Ottesen) pop

2010 Young Fool (Phil Minisalle) folk/blues

2010 Pigeonholed (Calley Bliss) jazz/pop

2010 All in Good Time (Joe Iadanza) folk

2010 Coal Aberrations (All One) hip-hop/rap

2010 Curses and Gifts (Joel Stein) folk rock

2010 Songs From Chrystie Street (Michael Schoen) pop

2010 May This City Never Be Taken (Johnny Fibonacci)

2009 Wake the Hero (Barnaby Bright) folk pop

2009 Portrait of a Plains Family (Broadie Sisters) vocals

2008 Volume One (Nolan Ericsson) jazz modern

2008 Traveling Salesman (Joe Iadanza) folk rock

2007 Right as the Rain (Donna Tucker) jazz vocals

2007 Nathan Cook (Nathan Cook) indie rock

2007 Eight Hundred Miles (Rick Bruner) folk/americana

2007 In A Mellowtone (Kerry Strayer) jazz bebop

2007 New Quintet (Brandon Draper) jazz: modern creative

2007 It's About Time (Earlie Braggs) jazz bebop/vocals

2007 Yellow Moon (Becky Bliss) folk pop

2006 Open Road (Heather Thornton) pop

2006 Live at the Mac (Ron Gutierrez) jazz/soul vocals

2006 DJ Sweeney (DJ Sweeney) vocal jazz

2006 The Perfect Face (Arthur Dodge) folk

2006 Christmas in Kansas City (Kerry Strayer) holiday big band

2005 Musical Sanctuary (Dan Thomas) jazz modern

2004 Take Only for Pain (Boulevard Big Band) big band

2003 The Noel Scott Quartet (Noel Scott) jazz

2002 Shadow of your Smile (Kim Liggett) jazz vocals

2000 Always and Forever (New Vintage Big Band) big band