Craig Akin


Upright basses:
1860 Tyrolean flatback
1942 Kay S-9 removable neck travel bass
2005 Eastman carved *
2004 Shen SB-100 

Electric basses:
1967 Harmony H-22

1973 Fender Precision
2004 Fender Mustang
2006 Fender Fretless Jazz
2010 Fender 5-string Jazz American Deluxe

Amps and Speakers:
(2) Gallien Krueger MB 150

GK MB150 *
Acoustic Image Clarus II
David Eden WT400 *
(2) Hartke 210TP *
Schroeder 210PL cab

Logic Pro 9

Apogee Duet Interface
Karma K-58 Tube Condenser Microphone
Karma K-10 Pencil Condenser Microphone (Matched Pair)

Sam Kolstein German bow

Thomastik Spirocore strings
Fishman Full Circle pickup
David Gage Realist Lifeline pickup

* = located in Kansas City and available for rent. All other gear available for rent in New York City area