Craig Akin

“Craig is the backbone. He lays down the beat in his bass and keeps calm and cool, no matter what....    (Click here for full article


“We like to get together with other bands, artists, and songwriters, collaborate and bring down any sort of barriers that may be present in musicians of different styles and beliefs,” says the band’s bass player, Craig Akin (click here for full article)

"Akin is equally impressive on electric bass or upright.  He's got enormous technique, great imagination, and an approach to his instrument that is unusual and fresh."

Our next interview is with double and electric bassist Craig Akin. 

1. When did you come to New York City and what was the deciding factor to move here?

I moved here in August 2007. For years I considered other cities, then suddenly woke up one morning and said to myself it had to be New York. If I was going to drop everything to start over it needed to be the real deal, the place with the biggest population of great musicians from all over the world.... (Click here to read the full interview)

Meet Craig Akin:

What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically? Solid, reliable, dependable bass playing, upright and electric. I can sight-read well, learn songs quickly, and am on call. I strive for great tone and rhythm in every single note.... (Click here for full interview

Watch New York City based Craig Akin, aka "Slapfiddle," perform this original arrangement for unaccompanied bass. Soulful, funky, at times a bit slimy, with lots of guts conviction!
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